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We are offering our customers quality tubes for their tyres. Good quality raw material  used which is further checked by our team of technicians. Principal raw material is used to manufacture our product are imported from Russia, Singapore and Japan. We ensure that the quality of our product enable us to compete with  our competitors. Our quality control department is fully equipped for checking the quality of the input  processes and finished product.

Largest Product Range

Dolfin offers the widest range of almost all fast moving sizes from Mopeds, Scooters, Motorcycles, Cars, Jeeps, Tractors, SCV, LCV, ADV to Trucks. Company offers tubes made with Butyl Rubber in HEAT RESISTANT COMPOUND.


Market Leader In India

Dolfin Brand accounts for one of the highest share of Auto and ADV tubes in Butyl rubber in replacement market in India. Dolfin is also the most popular brand among retailers & consumers since last 20 years.


Globally Accepted Quality

Dolfin tubes are exported to countries like Bangladesh, Bhutan, Egypt, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka and is today becoming one of the fast upcoming up brand in International market also.


Most Sophisticated R & D

Dolfin has one of the most sophisticated and best equipped R & D set up in auto tube industry in india to develop new size and design of company’s product.

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